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submission.in term and def.means:) someone that gives of oneself to another,but to me its a whole lot more.To me submission means:)  to give of oneself to another totality,completly,and absolutely. Now lets takr those three words and analize them a min. TOTALITY [thesarus] means:)everything,oneness,colectively, Now in that text ,submission means:) you live only for the act of submision, to be one with oneself to focus only on one thing ...that is submission  everything in your life evolves around that act only. For me personally,nothing else matters.I'am sublime to everything and everyone around me as I focus on the one and only act  I love and that is act of submission to another rather be male or female or animal or even oneself.Now COMPLETELY{thesarus} means :) entirely,whole,thoroughly,exhaustively.unconditional.Now in that text,SUBMISSION means:)  to give oneself wholly to another,...without regard to pain or suffering.To be able to complete the act of submission as thoroughly as possible.And to perfom that act exhausitively until your body is collasped on the floor.  and now ABSOLUTELY {thesarus} means :) undconditionally,thoroughly,positively,unquestionably,a slave must give of themselfs with out restrictions or conditions to hold them back or it will never be unconditional submission or surrender. I think atitude plays a major role in the act of submission as well. If a slave has a good healthy positive attitude then there is not an act they can't perform. If slave has bad aititude or demeanor towards an act then they will perform that act haphazardly or just lackadaisey  or I don't give a fuck and that will get you out the front door faster than you can say "fuck me arunnin"
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well I feel focused and inline w/ my inner self right now....I'm trying to prioritize my life and get everything in order...however i still wish and strongky desire this lifestyle more than ever just need to stay focused and inline w/ myself. I wish to continue my studies on positions which I"ve studied hard on and practice as time alots me.Aperantly this is GOREAN style of positions, I need to know more of the GOREAN lifestyle and all its meanings of each position and what they represent to fully understand what its all about.. to be able master these arts and present them proudly and w/ confidence and grace when told to. This is my goal as put forth by you MICH. At some point in time will ask you to test me and I still hope this will be in person no matter what . I went to see phycologist the day i last spoke to you and she claims i suffer from severe depression and need some happy pills LOL LOL LOL thats fine whatever works that helps keep this focus...its all good to me...Anyway if you see this journal I would appreciate any and all comments you may have and any assistence on the GOREAN lifestyle and/or positions.    bye M'Friend
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Hello Ma'am: how are you today,don't really know what to say ...yes i do too! I just lost a good friend yesterday because of my dumm-ass mistake of acidentally sending her a email in a public forum on cepe. she cut me to the bone in her responce, that also went on public forum. I'm so sad to lose a friend this way. in fact it was so bad i guess that I got email from Master Spector telling me that ican still post on cepe but, iy ill be monitored from now on.Im thinking very seriously that I should email Master Spector back asking him to remove my name from the membership lists and just forget joining group what do you think Ma'am. thank you
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